"Before working with Alex I felt like I was jumping from idea to idea with no plan. During our session he proved clear action items which I enjoyed completing. I am very thankful for my mentoring sessions with Alex."
- Marty

"Alex has been a fantastic coach. He helped me polish my stories, deliver my responses more effectively and prepare for any curveball questions during my interviews. He brings tons of deep industry knowledge which I found invaluable for my preparation. I highly recommend Alex Mitchell to anyone looking for a mentor in the product space."
- Anuj

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"Alex is obviously a master artist when it comes to growth and growth hacking. He quickly distilled the key points that I needed work on and provided super insights. Most importantly, he went above and beyond by sending follow-up suggestions and action items, demonstrating his interest and kindness in helping me. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone working on initial p/m strategies."
- Ryan

"Alex is a great mentor, I feel that even just the couple of sessions we had provided me immense value. He came up with a number of tasks I should complete to get closer to my goals; tasks which he clearly explained and which were appropriate for the level of knowledge I had. The best part about the mentorship however was Alex's vast experience as a PM and the willingness to share it - learning from someone who has done what you want to do and who has battle-tested many different theories ultimately makes the most difference."
- Artur

"Alex was careful to understand our issue and was open about his prior experience working in the same space. It was great to bounce ideas off him and get some encouraging feedback to keep moving forward."
- Tom